About Us

Silverstone Air provides complete private travel and chartered cargo solutions on a full range of exceptional aircraft.


Discover Our Fleet

We provide you with an unparalleled ability to source any aircraft, when and where you need it.


Commitment to Safety

Silverstone continuously strives to provide safe and economical solutions – solutions that other Kenyan aircraft charter operators may not be able to provide.

What We Value the Most

Silverstone Air is a domestic airline providing you with one of the finest experiences across the Kenyan skies. We envision ourselves propelling the Airline to be the best local and international flight company that values customer experience in the World-class expertise

We are committed to providing quality services that, together, deliver premium value to our Customers. Our highest standards of quality in all of our actions are a sign of commitment to our integrity. Working together with relevant stakeholders including our customers can only result in a stronger brand – this is why we believe in teamwork.

At Silverstone, we value our people, encourage their developments and reward their performance. It is what unifies us to give you the best. Our people take personal responsibility in delivering our commitment.

Fly with us to new horizons.