From To Departure Arrival
Wilson Ukunda 1030 hrs 1140 hrs
Ukunda Wilson 1215 hrs 1325 hrs
Wilson Ukunda 1500 hrs 1610 hrs
Ukunda Wilson 1620 hrs 1750 hrs

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Fly Silverstone Air to Ukunda. We offer the cheapest flights from Nairobi Wilson to Ukunda. Ukunda is a coastal town in the southern part of Mombasa mainly inhabited by the Mijikenda (the nine tribes) from the coast of Kenya. It paves way into Diani Beach a major tourist attraction. It is located in Kwale County, Coast Province, adjacent and to the immediate west of Diani Beach, along the Indian Ocean, close to the International border with the Republic of Tanzania. It is located approximately 32 kilometres (20 mi), by road, south of the port city of Mombasa, the nearest large urban area. This location lies approximately 72 kilometres (45 mi), by road, north of the town of Lunga Lunga, at the border with Tanzania.

Highway A-14 starts in Mombasa and runs through Ukunda, continuing south through Lunga Lunga, crossing the border into Tanzania to Tanga, ending just outside Morogoro. Ukunda is served by the Ukunda Airport.

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